Looking for additional players for Halo Gameplay.

My name is Nimbus K. Frost, Such is My Gamertag.
I would like to invite players that enjoy playing Halo with Skill level similar to my own.
in order these are my credentials as of 5/19/15:
Halo 3- Highest Ranks: General Grade 4
Total Kills: 100,391
Halo 4-Highest Ranks: SR130, CSR 36. K/D 1.062
MCC-Highest Rank:16 K/D 1.334

I’m looking for people with higher to similar playing skill who’d like to join up. I am currently just floating which in turn is making my stats take a hit or two. If interested please feel free to message me i’ll be able to get back to you via SmartGlass, gamertag is the same as it is on forum. If curious on any more of my stats feel free to browse.