Looking for actors to be in my new machinima!

Mach. Basic Info

This is the gist of my machinima I plan to produce. The stories are based on Halo, and it’s written with the canon thrown in a bit too.
Basic Story Info:
-There is one major plot line with different characters in it.
-The characters are a mix of Spartans and Elite.
-There are 4 videos and each revolve around joint squads made up of UNSC personnel and various Elite personnel.
-Squads are: Eclipse, Onyx, and Recon Strike Team Theta. (LEAVE OUT OF FORUM POST)
-Each squad has their own mission to complete, but each mission contributes to the larger objective.
-An epic finale wraps it all together, and it helps it all make sense.

Here are a few requirements to participate.
-Must have Halo Reach
-Must be a Warrant Officer or higher (exceptions can possibly made)
-Must have a mic, no exceptions
-Must have a Gold membership to last through filming


  • 11 Main, which are the squads
  • 3 Sub-Main, which are specialty characters
  • Many other extra supporting roles. Such as Vehicle Pilots, UNSC Soldiers, Elites, Spec. Ops Soldiers, etc.
    –Sub main roles can be from Rank of Brigadier and above, main roles are given at random to those who have the armor requirements. Main roles require Rank of General and above.

Commonly Asked Questions:
Q: Is there an age limit?
A: Absolutely not! As a director I see everyone as a potential actor, it is no matter their age. I am there to ensure that everyone has fun during filming, and if you are made fun of in any way the matter is dealt with swiftly and severely.
Q: What if I have no prior experience acting?
A: I have a map on Reach to train new actors, it is designed with specific lessons in mind. Whether it comes to walking, standing, or driving I will spend time to work with you. So even if you are the newest person here, you will be showed the skills needed to succeed here. :smiley:
Q: Do you have any prior experience directing a machinima?
A: Yes I do. In my past I have tried to direct a Halo machinima before, though it had plenty of mishaps. I did not plan it out well, and thus it failed. So it’s debatable among my friends, but I’m working to show that I learned and give everyone the enjoyment they deserved.
Q: What other things have you done, machinima wise?
A: I’ve been an actor, forger, writer, voice actor, and assistant to the director in charge.
Q: Will I need any DLC’s to act as well?
A: Not for right now, but I have given it a lot of thought and none of the maps really made me want to film on them. As time progresses the need may arise but you are safe for now.
Q: Since Reach has been out for so long and many of the veterans have moved to Halo 4, what is your estimate of actors you’ll have?
A: This is a tough question to answer. My goals are at least 25 gamers to say yes, but to have at least 14 show up every week to participate. So, my estimate is at 25 for now.
Q: You mention “every week”, does this mean you’ll be having filming sessions every week consecutively?
A: I hope for that to happen, but as a college student my schedule can change at the drop of a hat. If I’m able to have a session every week it helps keep actors interested, but if I’m not then my hopes will remain just as high.
Q: This is two questions as one. Do you plan to start a website to help keep it going, and who would help you run that site?
A: I actually have a plan in motion in that department. I have officially named my production studio as either “Ascension Studios” or “Vortex Studios”. That person that’ll help me run the production is a decision I have not yet made officially.

Those were some basic questions I have been asked and my answers to them. But I’m sure there are a ton more that I have forgot to add as well as some that I’ve not been asked. If you have any questions post them below, or if you want to be an actor add me with a message telling me so as well.