Looking for active players

Im looking for a group of active players to join or recruit. You dont have to be the world’s greatest player. Just looking for people who are active so that when I sign on I have people to play and chat with instead of picking up randoms who dont use their mics. Intrested? Send me a message either on here or on the xbox.

Spartan Dads

You should join us! Here’s our description if you’re interested… we’re all pretty active thus far as well (six players in the company so far, started it last Wednesday and continually recruiting through the forums!).

Let’s face it… there comes a point in life where, sadly, you just aren’t going to be able to keep up with the young-ins anymore… all of us in this company may have been, at one point in time, dominate at Halo, and / or video games in general. But those were the glory days. Now we’re just senile old men with poor reflexes, careers, families, and (I think we can all agree), the best thing there is in life… kiddos.

Look, I’m not saying that we won’t win some games. We may even wind up being one of the best Spartan companies in existence (though I sort of doubt it, as we just don’t have the time to invest into video games anymore). But ultimately, we’re just here to have a good time, and share in fun experiences / Halo 5 memories with others who are at the same place in life that we are. We’ve officially become casual gamers, and in our opinion, those are the best kind. Winning is fun, but that’s not what matters most to us anymore… having a good time and relieving ourselves of daily life stresses by shooting bad guys is. And that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Here’s hoping to network and get to know some of you in the months to come, and we look forward to gaming with you all and adding to our company!

Also, if you don’t have kids, that’s ok, just don’t tell anyone and I won’t… and be sure to have a pretty well fabricated story if you’re asked about it when playing with some of our teammates!

Hello, I am the leader of a competitive team/clan called The Infamous Demons and we are looking for Competative Arena Players that want to do tournaments, have full teams without RANDYS, and see if their skill level can get them through our tryouts. We are dedicated to this Team and play everyday and have never stopped since launch to making this team great and if good enough compete in tournaments. If you want to know my history we have to talk over Xbox it’s too much to write on here but if you are looking for active, competitive, communicative, and most importantly skilled here are the requirements.
If you fulfill the requirements then you should have no problems getting into the clan and you will have the best experience with our team, your team
The Infamous Demons has 10 members currently consisted of former semi pros and pros in other games such as COD. We are looking to make 3 teams of 5 for team Arena, slayer, and Swat.(5th person in case we need a sub). If we have too many that apply then we will make 2 war zone teams for those that can’t make it on the team but are above average, if you don’t make it on the team but in time prove to be you can replace a person on the team and we will have practice squads when we get too many people.
Contact info IMPORTANT
If your going to want and tryout message me on xbox ONLY IF IM ONLINE, if I’m not online then message me on HALO WAYPOINT and I will reply ASAP. My GT: ARABMALCOM X
Thanks and sorry for the long message

You should check out the clan I am a member of, Revolution of Gaming. We are a mix of competitive and casual players, and you can always find some of us on no matter what time you are signing on. We are a laid back group, but are also the type to push to win. We also have a ton of events and prizes throughout the community. If you would like to visit our clan website, you can visit www.RoGCommunity.com or message me on Xbox Live at RoG Arbm DG if you have any questions or want to know more :slight_smile:

You can add me if you’d like. I really only play Warzone right now so if you ever need a teammate for that send me an invite haha