Looking for active players that play arena

Hello to anyone who is reading.

We are looking for more people to join the spartan company Basedlords. Halfbasedgod and I are wanting more people in this company that would like to improve their halo and communication skills.
We are both plat players trying to grind to Diamond anyone who wants to join feel free to message me! But before you do please read the below requirements.
Him and I are just getting back into Halo and are trying to work on callouts and just get back in the groove of things again.

  • Cannot me a squeaker aka above 16 at least
  • Must have a mic obviously
  • Interested in winning (we understand all games cannot be won but we are also slightly competitive)
  • Willing to play some fun customs some nights… I.E Infection
  • Must be at least gold 5 and above
  • Must play Halo actively (I realize PUBG is dope and ya may want to play other games, I do too but try to be on Halo at least an hr or 2 to get some good runs in)

Thats about it if interested message me, we’re pretty cool no “tryouts” are needed we all have bad games or bad stretches as long as you’re trying to improve your gameplay that’s all that matters

I’m looking for more people to hit up the arena with, but not actually looking for a clan since the one I’m in is currently trying to recruit. I suck at call outs, it’s something I’m wanting to improve since I think that raises your play so much.

When I’m on point though, well…I think I play decent. I’m an older cat, but I do play pretty frequently. I’m twice as old as your requirement lol. I usually play woth anyone, any rank, for fun, but I do love the competitive side of halo. Arena slayer is my home. I’m sure I can grind all playlists up if I have other players wanting to do the same teamed with me, but I dont get too bent outa shape from losing. I agree with what you’ve said about that. I’ve been daimond and above before, but of course, ups and downs, solo queueing, and playing for fun and not restring myself from whom I play with speak for itself you can say. This game has no social slayer.