Looking for active people to rebuild group


Me and a friend are helping to rebuild a group called the invasion fanatics which we are mainly focusing on invasion.We do play other playlists as well mainly btb many of us have the new map packs and anniversary.Our focus is to ensure you have a full team to play with of mature gamers that don’t betray or fight over vehicles or weapons.We are currently on bungie.net at INVASION FANATICS we are looking for people to be active in forums and games.If you’re not that good we have people that can help one of the top players on halo tracker has agreed to help out inexperienced players as well as others that have excellent k/d.We aren’t worried about your k/d with experience and time it will improve especially with the people currently in the group.If you like customs we work with another group customs evolved that is another great group so check us both out as we mainly focus on MM.So either leave post here or contact me on xbl gt whodey1112 or nwfinfan my friends gt if you have any questions.There are no requirements for emblem yet we do have an emblem we use and no requirements to change your gt.So If you’re a mature gamer that wants to play with a full team and love invasion come check us out and help rebuild this great group.


If you would like my website to sponsor you, I can create some forums for you and give you your own section to the site. My website is paid for and everything.

That would be great right now we’re using bungie we’re rebuilding but It would be appreciated we’ll return the favor on our site as well.Feel free to add me gt is the same whodey1112.

im hella down man hit me up in game… iroc925 im always looking for more gamers to get down with since majority of my gaming community has left halo for other shooters… but totally down to meet new people to game with and hopefully ya’ll have the new anniversary game type as well to get down on… again hit me in game… gamer tag: iroc925

Sent friend request I’ll see you on live

I sent you a PM.