Looking for active members, adults only

Spartan company Shotgun Runners are accepting new members. For Competitive arena and warzone. We all just play for fun. Our members are mainly in the North east states such as players from PA/NJ/NY and NC. All are welcomed.This is an adult company, with language and conversations to go with it. Nightly games from 9-12 eastern and of course the late night weekend sessions.We are older, with families, kids and drinking problems that go along with the aforementioned. We focus mainly on BTB, Team Arena, Warzone and of course Breakout.if you’re good at racking up the kills: Kill em all.
If you suck or are just learning; start capturing objectives or killing bosses. We make use of every level of play. its all about fun and good company ( see the pun there… so dumb).

If you want to get that armor and don’t have anyone to help, come join us. I doubt we will get close unless we get more members but if you and your Friends have a small company, come join. keep playing with your friends, us, or new friends and earn that armor quicker. With just 6 members we completed two levels of commendations… now that we are actively recruiting again ( not since halo 3, yes we used to be serious in halo 2, but Aint nobody got time for dat anymore), i think we can get them all done, or die trying.

Add me on XBL (Azguz24) and tag along for a few games to give the company a try. Its a good time, win or loose.
We will probably NOT be online tonight (i just bragged about how active we are and then we’re not online you ask?) Well, we are sports fans and while i could give two -Yoink!- about who wins tonight… I still like burning the kids college funds!

Seriously though, we aren’t a serious company. our goals are just to play. Its laid back, with a few of us actually competitive. We win a lot, which is nice, but its more about just playing the game.