Looking For Active Halo Players

I’ve decided to put a hold on the whole making clan stuff and just focus on getting my friends list full of halo 5 and halo mcc players just like the h3 days (this ain’t a ploy to get people to join feel free to remove me if I mention about joining). I focus more on social/warzone or customs. I might start getting back into h5 ranked but as of right now I doubt it. I just want to chill out and have a good time with peeps.

26 and I have a mic. Hit me on on here or just add my gt: KeeOG I’m off to bed now but I’ll be on tomorrow and the rest of the week. Please no squeakers, I’m glad you’re playing halo but convo’s just tend to get awkward sorry. I’m chill I don’t care about skill just here for fun but it doesn’t me I don’t play to win.

FYI: I’m not interested in joining a clan (as most clans focus more on rank then actually playing), especially the military ones. I respect you guys but I’m not changing armour, tags, emblems nor “raid” training stuff thanks. Just trying to avoid both of us wasting each others time.

Just another note. If you’re in a clan but don’t care about me joining or not still but is still looking for more halo buddies don’t be afraid to hit me up I’m down to play with who ever.

Hey, I’m always up for a new Halo player. The folks I play with are super casual, though that means we’re not always on as often as we’d like. I do have an active clan, but we’re not looking to get anyone to change armour or tags, etc. if you want to hop in and earn kills towards Achilles with us you’re welcome. If not, that’s cool too, but if you’d like another Halo player among your gamertags, I’m down, drop me an invite. Been playing and loving Halo since original CE. If you’d like to join the clan, you’re welcome to that too, just send me a message. If not, that’s ok too.
All the best,

  • Stevagorn