Looking for active and competitive players

Hey ya’ll!

I am looking for competitive players who know the concept of teamwork. Must be active. good personality.
A little about us. We are turning into a semi competitive company, we teach our memebers map callouts, weapon spawns and strategies, its what makes us unique from the rest of the companies out there. We also like to keep it small, because its easier to build team chemistry then 100 people. We are not grinding for achilles armor, we will eventually get it. We care about the people we play with and have fun playing with each other. Its all about having a good time and kicking butt with each other.
If you are interested please check our company page Legion of Boom Boom!
Thank you
have a nice day, Queeny

Hey! I feel like I’d be of great use! I’m huge on teams. Very talkative. My sr is 120.

Hello! Yes i would also be interested in joining as well.

thank you for the posts I have sent you both messages! :smiley:

Hi, I think I would be instrested in playing!

thank you gorilla I have sent you a message :slight_smile: