Looking For Achilles Armor? Now's Your Chance!

Hey Guys. Notable Company Delta is currently accepting applications for new active members. Notable Company Delta has already moved a majority of it’s Kill Commendations (KC’s) into L3, and we are getting close to earning the Achilles Body Armor. We will be progressing or KC’s through L5 in order to earn the Achilles Helmut as well. We are an active company that likes to meet up and play as a group. We also have members that prefer playing solo, and that’s ok too. We are open to players of all skill levels, our main criteria is that you are an active player. Member activity is monitored, and inactive members will be suspended. So if you want a jump start on the Achilles Armor and are willing to contribute to Notable Company Delta, apply now! We will be accepting membership applications based on the following criteria:

  1. First Come, First Served - Those who apply 1st will be given top priority
  2. Current Activity Level - More games played will earn higher consideration
  3. General Skill Level - Least important; however in a decision preference will be given to the higher skilled player

Here’s the link to our Company: