Looking for a Warzone team

I am looking for a fairly large Warzone team. I am tired of playing solo with randoms who never talk. I wanna stand a fighting chance with a team instead of getting stomped with randoms.

I feel the same way about getting stomped on warzone and even arena we are a still growing Spartan company and we like to play warzone so we can all fit in a match and we do arena quite often as well. We are a competitive company but we still like to have fun so we do game nights every Saturday or Saturday if you have any questions or concerns message me UnwiseDonkey86 or just message the company.

Yo we’re open. We play a lot of warzone and a bit of arena too. We’re friendly and like to win. Pm for more

Feel free to join Temple of Boom, we play warzone all the time! we have also made excellent progress towards the Achilles Armor. we have no restrictions so feel free to join!

TFS wants players. Hit me up if we aren’t too late here.

Interested in joining the Alpha Empire?

We are a fresh new company join now before we fill up!

In my perspective, this Empire will be separated into four groups to allow our empire to achieve its full potential. Each group will focus on four different things.

  • Communication - Endurance - accuracy - stealth****These groups as stated above will be used to determine whom you are, I will hand pick all of you individually deciding on whom fits where. Depending on your service record, you will be categorized into various groups. You will earn requisition packs and obtain increased win ratios in warzone, while you are at it. Practice with your group prior to merging with others in separate groups please. Four of each group will be chosen to fight in warzone. Work together and achieve your goal, victory.

  • AA01 - AE01 - AS01 - AC01These are all examples on how the service tags will be used to demonstrate what group you are in. NUMBERS ARE ONLY USED FOR IDENTIFICATION not competition working together is your goal.if you are liking the structure of our Empire please message me in game and il set you up. DamnedHeart