Looking for a Top tier Onyx / Champ team

I’m looking for a group of talented, level headed Halo players looking to climb from upper tier onyx to the top of Champion in Arena / Slayer.

Looking for mature individuals that don’t let their competitiveness get the best of them. A team where all the members actively empower each other while helping each other grow.

Hello. I am a member of Epsilon Fleet, one of the fastest currently riding clans in the Halo community. We are currently looking for new recruits. In fact, our aspiring pro team, Kryptia, is accepting applications. Epsilon Fleet is divided into squads so members can find a group that meets their competitiveness, skill level, and schedule. I think that you would be a great fit for the clan. If you have questions, please message me on Xbox Live or register for the clan on EpsilonFleet.com.

I’m not in a team but would be interested in playing and potentially forming one.
Gamertag: Zaxuk
Stats: http://halotracker.com/h5/player/Zaxuk