Looking for a team!

Been going solo on Halo 5 and it’s not going so great. I lose way to often even though I do pretty good in a match and I just end up raging and playing a different game. Now I just get on when my friends are on and to see what the updates bring in. I could play halo 5 for hours so if any team out there who has a spot opened up please add me.


It seems like you don’t like playing Halo by yourself. Why don’t you play with my Spartan Company instead?

I’m the Leader of the Spartan Company “LairdCorp”

We are an easy casual and competitive clan that has just began, so you could become one of the founding fathers.

IF you like this, please contact me :slight_smile:

Hey Sygma Salamanda Tactical Gaming is recruiting anyone in that plays HALO 5 ! In Tactical Gaming we have over 2800 members across our gaming community. Currently we have over 60 members in our HALO division and are looking for many more ! We always play the objective and work as a team to win. We also have our own web team that works on coding and graphics for the site as well as our own news team that creates articles for the site about the gaming world and news inside of TG. If any of you guys/girls are interested in joining just go to Forums | Tactical Gaming and in the top left hand corner click on “Join TG” and in the Referral Box please put FLuX Unstopable. Hope to see you in TG :slight_smile:

Sent a clan invitation with our information. If you read it and feel you would be a good fit, feel free to join!

I am looking for anyone who injoys playing on War Zone as much as I do and working as a team