Looking for a team

Gamertag: Slimposite
Don’t really do warzone but is willing to.

PartyUpGaming is looking for recruits who qualify. Search us up!

Hey i just made a spartan company, come join and invite anyone willing to battle it out in arena, the company is called rangers of death (in all caps)


We are in need of member, check us out



Hello, I am S043 II William. I am the General Commanding Officer and SPARTAN-II Commanding Officer in Central Command. I am simply sending a recruitment message out to out community. If you are interested, here are some things to know. We are a UNSC clan. We are probably one of the strictest clans in the group of strictest clans in the Halo Clan Community. Central Command is based on core values and principles such as respect, courage, discipline, teamwork, and persistence. CENTCOM does not give up on anything, and this is expected from all members. Whether you are a Marine, ODST, or Spartan, you are expected to give more than full effort at all times and to never stop trying, regardless of conditions or circumstances. Everyone that joins CENTCOM joins as a Marine Cadet. Those who train to become a Marine go through an extremely hardened one month training program. Our ODST training program is three months long. Our SPARTAN-II training program is six months in length. If you are someone who will push themselves to the limit and beyond, and someone who will never give up at anything, then CENTCOM is for you. Send me a message on Xbox Live if you are interested. Thank you for your time.

FrenchToastMafia, or TestedPit (My GT)

Me and a buddy are still looking for teammates. If you’re interested message me in game GT: Its The c00kie . Our Spartan Company is called Secret Service.

Just join FrenchToastMafia. We are on always!