Looking for a team? why not check out the ODST 113th Rifle Battalion?

Hello, I am Colonel Keegan (B1ohazardPunk) of ODST 113 and I invite you:

so instead of just asking you join my clan and website and twitter and tattoo my name to your forehead and shave our clan name into your head and all that other clan nonsense, i invite you to come play a few games with me and my top officers and we can explain more in depth what we are all about. We dont want you to join our clan, we want to be the clan for you. See what i mean? Haha, anyway here are some details:

we are online every night. We have players from all over the world (who suprisingly get on at the same time) i am from ireland, we have canadians, austrailians, new zealanders, u.s.americans, scotish, and colombian players. we have clan battles, including a “community clan day” where all of our allies send in teams of 4 and we all fight double elimination till there is a victor. We also have an in-depth Cadet Training Program and Advanced Individual Training program (but are currently put on hold until we make some brief changes). We have a strong ranking system and a few rules(like…3 ha) but if you cant tell, we are the most laid back guys ever, unless its a clan battle. We help players grow as a team, and each officer knows all of his men by heart, that way you are not just a number to us. Currently we also are making a “fictional biography” machinima about our battalion which should be kool. we go by a points system and all we ask is that you are loyal and dedicated. Add me on XBL ( B1ohazardPunk ) and let me know what you think! sorry for the long message!

> we go by a points system and all we ask is that you are loyal and dedicated.

A point system for what?