Looking for a team or ppl who are very interested into forming a group/team to get into tournaments

adults only, and halo og’s, lmk if you have a team, if you want to form a team to compete competitively in halo infinite tournaments. only good vibes pls, lets grow and learn strats together…

Hey I’m actually looking for a 4th. We try to make at minimum 3 “dedicated” practices a week but our generally on almost every night at around 10pm-2am(ish) GT is RealBigFrog and discord is RealBigFrog#2781 hit me.up on either of those and let’s get some games in.

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Ok, look I play on pc. Add me on Xbox @ KryptT1K the Xbox app on pc always acts up on me. I’m playing ranked now. Hmu add me on Xbox. Looking forward to form some type of clan to get into open tourneys. I have a few friends that are down aswell. Hmu and add me!