Looking for a team of 3 to play with

I’m a 21 year old college student from Washington state and with winter break coming up I plan on playing a -Yoink!- ton of Halo 5. I really like to play competitively. None of my friends play halo so I’m always left to play solo which really makes it hard for me. I’m currently sitting at onyx 1750 in ffa, so the skill is definitely there but I’m struggling to transfer that onyx rank to team based gametypes when I always play alone or with others who don’t play competitively.

I’m trying to stay away from team arena without a full team. Right now in slayer I’m a platinum 5 but I regularly beat diamond and low onyx players. Again, it’s its just tough for me to break through my rank in solo queue.

What I’m looking for:

  • Team of 3 that likes to play competitively - Everyone should have a mic - Preferably diamond or onyx players - As a team, everyone should know callouts - Is willing to practice very frequently (practically every night over the next couple of weeks) - It’d be nice if we were near the same time zone so that our play times aren’t wonky (I’m Pacific time)If there are any teams of 3 looking for a 4th and I sound like I may fit the bill of what you’re looking for, you can talk to me here or message me on xbox @ Renarded and we can see if this works out.