Looking for a team. Not a clan...

I am looking for a DEDICATED team of 4 so myself + 3 others. I am in the Eastern Timezone and have quite the open agenda meaning I can practice with the team every day.

I’m not looking for a large group of people.

Also let it be noted I am a 25-year-old adult. I don’t need to feel as though I am babysitting children so can we try to make this an adult team where mommy isn’t going to send a team member to bed?

Anyways hit me up I’ll check here daily until release and / or a team is found.

Do you want to join Delta Team? It’s kind of hectic right now, my second in command hasen’t been online for a while so I was thinking of opening his spot up but I’m just thinking about it. Anyway, I’m Delta 1, the leader, fitch140 is Delta 2, the second in command and the sniper (Originally it was Delta 3 as the Sniper but I can talk to fitch140 to see if it can be changed around), Delta 3 is currently taken up which is the Heavy Weapons Specialist but it originally a Sniper, and Delta 4 is the only spot open which is the Demolitions and Close-Quarters Combat Specialist but if things do get changed back to the the way they were originally then Delta 4 is gonna be Demolitions, Heavy Weapons, and Close Quarters Combat specialist. I can scrap the specializations part though and just have Delta’s 1-4. Also, the team is a democracy type.

Dude, your delta squad thing is not what he’s looking for. You’re describing a clan that calls themselves a team. He’s looking for a 4v4 team.

No offense man, but if you’re looking for a team, you best bet is to search on GameBattles or MLG Forums