Looking for a team... gold+

Im currerntly in gold… and im a huge obj player. average kills about 20 - 24 per game… need like minded people instead of these people in ranked who have no coms and cant secure kills

I’d be happy to play some time. I just got platinum 1 this morning. I have two friends who play with me, both are silver 6 as of last night, came up from bronze overnight. One secures kills well and hunts the objectives like a boss. The other is honestly the best support player and trader I have ever played with. We all have comms. They are console players, and I play on pc or console. Send me a friend request :slight_smile:

I’m always down to play with new people.

ill add you! if i can figure out how lol

I have 2 accounts, Onyx on controller and gold on MnK so I am down to play… also have a bunch of people in my community around the same skill level so feel free to add me on discord or Xbox

GT: Final Boss
Discord: Final Boss#1776

I’ll play if you’re still looking for people. GT is TheSirMagnum.

I’ll play if you are still looking for people. Gamertag is Casual and Bad.

I’m a Gold 6. Feel free to add

You can send me a friend request if you guys need one more sometimes my steam code is 900458383 and my account is guiltyspark7839