Looking for a team for MLG/gamebattles.

I’ve played Halo since Halo CE. Started playing seriously in Halo 2 since I had XBL and ended up with a 45 in Team Slayer and a 36 in Team Hardcore. In H3 I had several accounts but my main/first was a 50 in Doubles, Slayer, 48 LW, 45+ in everything else including MLG. Had a pretty serious team of 4 for Halo 2.

I am familiar with callouts, strategies but more based on H2 and H3. I am looking for a serious team/clan to start practising pretty intensely for Gamebattles/MLG.

It will be for fun at the end of the day, but serious fun. Here to win.

Message me on XBL, gamertag is: Ripebear is bak

I am a fairly skilled player so I’m looking for a skilled team. Team must consist of EU players. Nothing against Americans but simply due to connections. I am from Scotland.

KD on reach is around 2.95 right now, that’s just messing around in Slayer/BTB/Swat/Snipes etc.