Looking for a team/clan/company

Yo the name is Cameron “Father” Drew. I’m a competitive halo player looking to be a apart of either a competitive team/clan/company. I have a 1.8 k/d, I usually always have a positive k/d in every game, meaning I know how to play and stay alive. I’m more of a supportive/objective although I can slay. Getting onyx is really easy for me but the people I play with aren’t champion material. Basically looking for good players who are part of clan/company/team to grind halo with. I’m usually on once a day so just send me a message over Xbox if you want to talk.

Our clan is called “special operation forces” we are mostly a chill group that been looking for more people to join our clan so the more the better , we mostly play warzone , sometimes arena and custom games

We are always recruiting for active players :slight_smile: Online often and would love to have you on board!
“The New Spartan Order.”

The Blue Dream Team
Looking for players of all skill levels and all playlists. No requirement needed msg Happy Hour H3r0 or search The Blue Dream Team if interested hit me up to join the fun :slight_smile: Almost half of our squad including myself has/had a champion. The company really needs people that like to play warzone tho and is now accepting anyone, if you were denied or removed your welcome to join and stay as long as you like. We mostly play Arena/Customs but get down on some Warzone for warm ups n when were real baked. SOOOO leave your lame company cause were better/cooler, alright, PEACE.

Merges are welcome and promotions available