Looking for a team. (Arena)


I am currently looking for a team to run Halo : 5 with. I can either start a team, or I could be a fourth to an existing team, I just created a Spartan Company called Paramount Dynasty. I am a very competitive person as well as I wouldn’t mine running custom matches as well. I had multiple 50’s in Halo : 3, and have helped a couple of my buddies get their 50’s in Halo : MCC , I would like to go over call-outs, and learn maps and different strategy’s with a team. Interested in a possibility of even participating in a few ESL tournaments on a couple weekends or so. Anyways, I’m down for running any halo in the game, right now my average KDA in Halo : 5. is 3.1, and a Win Percentage of 62.7 %, running solo.

BTB = 7.4
FFA = 3.0
Slayer = 3.3
Team Arena = 2.5
Swat = 3.6
Breakout = 0.7, (Only played 14 games)
Accuracy all above 40%

You can shoot me a friend request to
Gamertag: Xytto,
and send me an Xbox message of what you are interested in, (joining my spartan company, joining a team, or needing an extra player)
even to run temporary with you guys,

Thanks again.

this is not the place for this but ill play with you GT; Dead Cassette

You sound like a good fit for our team. We need a 4th.

Add me: ary 207