Looking for a squad to roll in some Ranked Matches

Hey all , just looking for a squad and some great people to play some ranked matches. Win or lose let’s all have fun and yes winning is great too.

I am in eastern time zone and usually available evenings and weekends. Really just looking to meet other gamers in the community and be more involved as well.

See you all on the battlefield Spartans.

Hey my friend. I’m Also looking for Someone to play Ranks with win or lose.

I’m on Eastern timezones. I’m Platinum 6 in crossplay & Platinum 3 is Solo/duo.

MY GT- X B K 9 2 3 (a space between each letter). been playing nothing but Halo last few years

I’m down. I’m in PST

My time is 8:00 UTC. If I can, I’d like to join you