Looking for a squad to game :p

Hey guys i just wanted to know if anyone would like to add me to game warzone or arena( although i’m meh at arena). I usually play alone and its boring at times. just looking for cool guys to play and have fun :slight_smile: Gt: DJ ESCANDALO

Hay mate, join the knight of ren spartan company, its a fun and friendly company, everyone is easy to get along with.

Good morning,

I am the leader of FINAL SHOT and recommend you join our company. We are very skilled and are looking for competitive players! I have acquired up to 5 champions in 1 season and I am not even the best player in the company! We are active on a daily basis and are always looking for players to run with competitively. We would love to recruit more players that enjoy playing warzone and bigteam battle! From time to time we grind big team battle and warzone with a full team of highly skilled players. We are growing very quickly and are limited to open spots. If you want to be part of FINAL SHOT feel free to contact me personally.

-FS Proseidon
GT: Pr0seid0n (Main), FS Proseidon (Final Shot GT)

Add me

If you are looking for a large clan to join, read our clan topic here


Look forward to hearing from you =D