Looking for a squad or just cool people

I usually play with my roommates but they are much more casual players. I’m trying to find some people who are at least decent and play competitively but respectfully. I’m not insanely good or anything, sometimes I’ll go negative, but I’d say I average +4 to +6 in slayer games. Just trying to get better and it’s hard to improve team strategy skills playing with random strangers every game. I didn’t really find much about squads searching online, so I thought I’d give these forums a shot. I play pretty regularly; I’d say probably 4-5 days a week. Not to sound like a jerk, but I’d prefer older teammates…like 18+. I’ll play just about anything, I prefer Team Slayer or SWAT, but I mix it up a lot.


I’m not 18 but my friends and I started a new clan, and we play everything as well, if youre intrested you can sign up here:

I couldn’t get that link to work for some reason :confused:

I don’t fit in.

But I have advice: If you have a sniper in your team, try matching him with a spotter/helper.