Looking for a Spartan Company

So its been about 6months since I last played Halo due to a broken disc and Destiny sucking the life out of me, and now im in need of a new spartan company that focuses on Arena and is partial to some Warzone and Campaign as im trying for Champion Rank in the Arena. So if anyone os interested in recruiting a old Halo Veteran please msg me or leave a post below. Thanks Guys!

Spartan Archive is a Spartan Company currently made up of Australian members. We are aiming to have a close, friendly Company of Spartans that are willing to play some halo with others, when available, and most of our members are pretty active, more so on Arena than Warzone.
We play all gamemodes and gametypes, although as of late we have been focusing on Breakout and Team Arena, with the occasional Warzone Firefight match. We can be competitive and would love to aim for the high ranks with you, although we do like to kick back and play a few games together every now and then.
We would be happy to invite you into our Spartan Company and upon joining, xGhost101x and I will work to set up a gaming session with you within a few days to a week. That way we can get a feel for what sort of player you are and to see if you would fit into our Company.
So, as long as you are willing to play a few games with us and others in our Spartan Company, we would be happy to have you.
I encourage you to check us out or at least consider us and even if you would just like to test the waters a bit first to see if Spartan Archive is the Company for you, send us a join request and I will be happy to accept.
If you have any questions feel free to message me on waypoint or send a message on Xbox (gamertag is the same as forum username).

The UGA Space Wolves can always use a new member. Although we primarily do clan raids and such, Arena is something many members do, and we always are happy to do a 4-man. We also would love to have you help teach some of our lower ranked players as to help everyone become better. Think about it, and I’m here if you need more info about us.

Thank hawkner I sent my request off just now

Spartan Company: Yeti

We have a few guys ranked Champion so they may be able to help you out. Also we’re getting close to unlocking the Achilles Helmet so that’s a bonus.