Looking for a Spartan Company.

Name: Call Me Sweep
Rank: 36?
Ive beatin the story on lengendry solo.
I’m a gold player in Arena.
Would be onyx, but team mates hold me back.
I play MP alone. Have no fire team. But have friends. Lol
Team player.
Great hog driver.
Im rather good with the snipers.
Really good with BR.
I have a +K/D
I really only play warzone.
Ive been a 44 in H2. A 50 grade two General.
130 in H5.
I know how to play, i know how to win.
So what Im looking for is a fun group of people who can have a good time blowing -Yoink- up in warzone.


Hey man look up Kindred. We are a bunch of fun loving people who like both warzone and arena. Maybe meet up and play with us sometime to see if you like it. Most of us are older people and a few younger. No squeakers allowed lol

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