Looking for a Spartan Company

Sup. I’m Entr0p1k. Posted on here many times. Been banned a few times. Love/hate relationship with Waypoint.

Anyhoo I enjoy playing multiplayer by myself but I have realized recently that I have hit a wall so to speak. I am tired of dealing with people quitting matches or being grouped with randoms who sometimes tank matches when things are not going well.

I am 35 and I am looking for a Spartan company that welcomes old folk and that likes to have a good time and has a sense of humor. My arena k/d is .91 and overall is .84 (Warzone K/D is meh but oh well) Bottom line I am basically a 1.0 level player. I can hold my own but I am by no means a high level player. I do continually work to improve and have raised my K/D in Arena significantly. As I said though, I feel like I am stuck right now and running with a solid group would be a nice change.

I am on the east coast in the US and play in the evenings. I won’t often give you 25 kills a match but I guarantee I will make you laugh your -Yoink- off.

Hey there Entr0p1k,

my name is Cee147SK or Sean Kumar. I have recently left a Spartan Company because of a toxic environment. I just want to create a Spartan Company that has active members whenever and who play whenever they want. It’ll be super slack and everyone is free to do what they want. I’ll send you an invite to my Spartan Company and if you’re on facebook, I could sync up with you there and send you an invite to my gaming group there as well. We currently have 30 members on facebook who actively play a variety of games. However, i’m looking for players who will actively play Halo. Feel free to accept the invite :slight_smile:

Cee147SK - Leader - Hunters of Exile

Hey Entropik! That’s about the conclusion I came to recently as well. So I just started gathering my friends and chill players, for game nights and group bash downs XD I also live on the east coast, I usually play in the evenings, And I play swat and breakout the most. Anyway, all I’m saying is that it would be great to have you! I sent an invite. I’m expecting 25 members at least by new years.

Lol nvm. Your already an officer in the clan above. That’s fine! See ya around.

we are looking for any one… we have both a online clan and a MLG Team that are looking for new members

If you are still shopping for a clan, look for Axios Prime Company. We are a mature clan, a gamerspace for gamers who want a fun relaxed atmosphere w/ great team players. Also out my stream anytime today thru this weekend.
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/grrlscout420
Spartan Company: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/axios%20prime
Official Clan Site: http://www.axiosprime.enjin.com