Looking for a spartan company preferably european

I’m a 20 year old guy from belgium looking for a spartan company/clan wich is involved in all kinds of halo 5 stuff be it custom games like in the old halo 3 days or some arena matches or warzone i’m up for it all. I would prefer a spartan company with people from ages 17 and up. Preferably european since it’s easier with timezones.

Some stats.

Spartan rank : 64
Arena k/d : 1.22
Warzone k/d : 2.08

I don’t really know callouts on the arena maps since i’ve mostly been playing on my own but i am willing to learn them.
Been playing halo since combat evolved on the original xbox and started playing online since halo 3 .

sidenote: i do play alot of other games too so i won’t be playing just halo