Looking for a solid team


im looking to find people who are decent at halo. I’m tired of joining games and playing with some randoms who are really bad at the game. I wanna have a solid squad to play with. It’s annoying how much my rank flucuates because of this. I wanna be winning games… Not losing them. I mainly play SWAT and slayer but I’m not against playing breakout. If you think you’re at a decent playing level then hit me up.


Yo, I’ve been looking for good people to play with too. You wanna play? I’m down for any playlist but I prefer arena/slayer and breakout

Hi Hitman

I myself have been found in need of a decent players. Recently I joined the Aegis Military Corporation and manged to join with some guys there for almost nightly Arena playlist forays. We have a multitude of skill levels (although it sounds like you are looking for the upper percentile) and can adjust to mostly any playstyle. We also organise 4v4 Arena matches against other clans to prove our worth.

If you want to know more, feel free to drop me a message on here, my Waypoint inbox or on Xbox live.


We are very ACTIVE spartan Company! Most of us are on very night! we value TEAMWORK above all so we teach member’s map call -outs, strategies and tactics! We play mainly arena and some warzone! Company nights we play FUN custom games to build a strong bond between players!! If you are interested please check our page! There is a long list of requirements, please do not feel overwhelmed we want to weed out the freeloaders and those who would be uncommitted! our goal is to look for players who can contribute to the Achilles Armor and listen for map call outs (because its very important if u want to win). and MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE FUN PLAYING!!!
I look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Anybody here is more than welcome to send me an invite.

I play a lot of swat but have become hooked on war zone sadly to mixed results.