Looking for a small clan

Hey I am looking for a small to medium size clan that is very active. I want to be in a clan that lets every one take part in clan battles not just the clan leaders. So please reply here on the forum.

I am the leader of God’s of Destruction we have been around for over a month now I along with my members are pretty active I am just about on everyday right now I am looking for 20 members to start going into tournaments and right now I am at 7 but if we do have a clan battle I will not back down from it. The only rules that I ask is no modding, no hacking, no Sqweekers, and that you are at the age of 14 and above but if you can follow the rules I am willing to bend them. I am along with my members we like to have fun but we like to be competitive at the same time.

I’m in charge of Fenrir’s Wolfpack.We are short on operators right now,and to add to that I’ve somehow started a war with a 80 member + clan.All my operators are on infiltration missions and I have a battle on saturday,8 v 8.

Even though Wolfpack’s at war,it’s really not a problem,I have a plan…

If you are interested take a look at my recruitment thread.

I’m online every day,so I’ll be available most of the time.


hi my names bomber and i own a group called HALO SOCIAL CLUB were located on halocommunity.com and were 70 members right now and growing fast. Participation is very high with the members and were constantly having game nights and tournys with prizes… We have art and video departments and group awards etc… so if your interested please check us out and we love having fun.

My gamer tag is WOMBO COM8O. I am interested in joining your clan.

I am 16
1.22 kd
Kick -Yoink- at team swat and snipers
Plz look at some of my videos
And all I want is a team that is whilling to pull their own wheight.