looking for a small clan (brony or not)


looking for a clan, with a good group of people who like to play halo 4. i preferably i wish to join a clan filled with bronies, but the community of the intergalactic inter-webs hates bronies…

please send me an friend invite if you have any ideas.


Hey I am from the Forerunner Conflict Community

It is a War-simulation-Militaristic Community that has a Red vs Blue Army theme to it. One side is Blue(the good side) and one side is red. We have founded this community on fun and respect. We fight the other army for control of halo 4 maps created by our own forge department. This community has been around for 7 years dating back to halo 2. Each army has 50 active members more or less each sunday night aka Battle night. Battle night is the night when both armies battle each other for the 2 maps that are being contested that day. Each army also has the same rank structure.

We have a website to maintain all our information of the wars and stuff, but there is a lot more to do on the site thanks to all the different people that joined and added unique stuff to the site.

However our main focus is the war between Blue and red army

To join though you must be mature(the age requirement on the site is 15)


Join Blue Army :wink:

-Blue Major Nicholas Sapien

Rainbow Dash is best pony.

I’m also interested in joining a brony clan, so if you find one (or want to start one) let me know. ^^

Hey guys, this is Sgt. Luneth Aerohawk of the 105th Division ODST’s and I’d like to give you an opportunity to enlist with us. We are a competitive ODST clan that has been around since Combat Evolved and we are primarily focused and stationed on Halo 4. We are full of friendly and experienced members who you are sure to have a good time with. We have a military-based ranking system built around how much effort and efficiency is put in and how active you are. We currently are beginning a roleplay on our website on which we have an active forum for all of our members. At some point we will also begin creating machinima’s using our leader’s capture card and may be posting up on Youtube as well as our website. Many of our members are on the Xbox daily so it will probably be difficult to find someone NOT to play with.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me on Xbox Live, my gamertag is Luneth Aerohawk. If you’re wishing to sign up and enlist, feel free to sign up at http://www.helljumper.net/portal Thank you for your time.

P.S. I’m also a brony and the people in this clan don’t seem to mind or at least tolerate them. :smiley: