Looking For a Skilled Player for a 4th

Got a 3 man team that run games everynight for at least a few hours. Looking for a 4th to complete the team. Someone that is a team player and calls stuff out. We are big on communication and support. Not a Lone Wolf. Player must be at least 18years old and have a Mic. And be able to play nightly. If interested send FR to

xX FearSh0tz and xX JKrizzy7 Xx

Thank You


Whats up, I have the same situation that you do, Have 3 good ppl and looking for a 4th. We are looking for the same in a player as you, so maybe we could all play together/ friend each other and play with each other according to who is on at the same time.
Let me know if you are interested.

Add up whako.

I’ve been playing the Halo games since I was 9 and have been at it for 11 years now. I know a thing or two. I’m also big communication, I love that stuff. I like to bring Crimson team alive, you know. lol

Anyhow, I’m moreso interested in Spartan Ops, Legendary. I wanna get that -Yoink- down. Hit me up.