Looking for a sangheili clan?

//-Greetings, I am Kal 'Ontomai, a General in the Crusading Spirit Fleet. We are seeking warriors for our Fleet. We have several requirements you must fit in order to join our ranks.
These requirements are-
<strong>*Must be 14 years of age or older</strong>
<strong>*Must have a Kill/Death Ratio of at least 1.00</strong>
<strong>*Cannot have recent involvement with our enemies</strong>
<strong>*Must be mature and respectful</strong>
Anyone who does not meet the requirements will be denied. All recruits will be screened by Fleet Security before arrival. No-one will go through without a backround check.
History & Information
Since it’s inception during the Summer of 2010, the CSF has maintained a high level of combat efficiency and battle proficiency. We have been betrayed many times before, but we still stand.
All of our ranks are canonical, none are made up. New members start in the Infantry Division as a Minor. They work their way up the ranks by being active and fulfilling their roles, whether they choose to transfer to another division (Fleet Security, Honor Guard Division, & Special Operations) or not.
Contact Information-
<strong>*Avu Med Telcam: Imperial Admiral-</strong>
<strong>*Fal Cinadee: Supreme Commander-</strong>
<strong>*Kal Ontomai: General-</strong>
Thank you for your time.-//

The Crusading Spirit Fleet (CSF) is a wonderful clan.

>41 active members.

>Instant messaging chat box.

>Active forums.

>Veriest topics in the forums.

>Active in-game/on site.

>Completely canonical ranking system.

We win most of our games with ease.

We mainly play BTB.

Age group in the CSF is 15-20.

Why WOULDN’T you want to join this?!

  • Fleet Security Commando Rtel 'Radalee

I should abandon WA =D

tho WA ( warriors of Æsir )has more members :I

> I should abandon WA =D
> tho WA ( warriors of Æsir )has more members :I

EDIT: Nevermind, you don’t fit the requirements, I’m sorry.

It would be preferred if you contacted me before the others on the list.