Looking for a real Company? Abhorrence is for you!

Hello fellow Spartans, if you are looking for a Company that will callout, knows map control, and communicates on a completive level, Abhorrence if for you! We will also play casually fairly frequently with some Warzone and BTB thrown into the mix. I am looking for members of all skill levels! I was a former Halo 3 Semi-Pro with a 50 in Lone Wolves, and I know my Halo well. But I also have a requesting member (and good friend) that is brand new to the series and would love to play casually at times with us. That is fine! The benefit to a company like this is that we will actually interact with each other and we can all be a family, unlike if you join a major YouTuber’s company or a very well known company where you are only a blip on the radar and you hardly get any merit except “being in” the company. I will also coordinate with you to host custom game nights and campaign play-throughs. This exiting new Company System allows me to form a new Halo family with the upcoming release of Halo 5 Guardians - and I hope you become a part of it, just comment saying that you are interested so the Company can become active! I cannot wait to see you on the battlefront!

l AfterSh0ck l
Founder of Abhorrence

Do you have a website or something?

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> Do you have a website or something?

No, but the forums offer great communication and connection. If we get enough members, we will make a YouTube. Are you interested?