Looking for a professional forge builder

I am Snix also known as the leader of TDS or The DeathStriders. I am looking for a professional map builder to make me and the clan a nice area that I can use for the practice of soldiers and even clan battles. Detail about what we are going for is going to be explained once I have a response and have chosen our member to build the following map. To contact me please message either DeathStriders or SnixYouTube on Xbox. Anyways this is all and TDS hopes to find someone who will be a huge help to us.

Here are a few constructive tips when advertising something, especially a service:

  1. Don’t be ambiguous about your project, it wont attract any customers. Let them know exactly what they can expect such as key features. Get them excited.
  2. What is in it for the Forger, why should they invest the time in your Project? People naturally are selfish and think about themselves first, give them a reason to build this.
  3. Understand your audience, the Forgers in this case and provide them with the appropriate details. Timeframe, when do you want this done by and what quality do you want? A quality forge project can take up to 2+ months. Who is in control over the map such as design decisions? Has it been designed yet? Why a professional map builder, why not anyone that enjoys building these type of maps?

I hope you get a better understanding of my prospective looking at this post. The best of luck with your project.