Looking for a positive gaming experience.

Hello to all of my Halo brothers/sisters. My GT is “Absolute Jaxon”, I used to go by Fr3wT in the old days. That is neither here nor there; Anyway, a majority of the people I normally play with have gone to black ops II… ridiculous. This request does not mean that there is a clan option, but if there is a good enough turn out then that could potentially happen.

Guide Lines:


-Flexible play times

-Has fun playing

-Would rather play Halo before all other games.

-High quality company

Do Not Want-

-Rude comments towards strangers(unless otherwise provoked. I would prefer that any annoyance would just be muted.)

-Tea-bagging(unless just friends messing around.)

-Griefing spawns(unless otherwise provoked.)

-Harassing people(can be related to the first do not want; However, there is a time to just take the high road.)

-Cheating(No cheating of any kind, at all, will be tolerated!)

If any are interested send a message to my GT Absolute Jaxon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Absolute Jaxon.

yo i’m down. i’m not on xbox right now, maybe in a few hours. but please hit me up.

GT: xBurstingPeePee

Are you looking for a community of like-minded gamers where one day you can be competitive, the next pure fun. Or just the one, it’s your call. Then check out Tactical Gaming (TG) created in November 2004. At TW.TGHQ.ORG There you will meet over 2000+ members of Tactical Gaming playing multiple games on multiple platforms. TG follows a military styled roster, see if you can work your way up the ranks! Don’t worry about having to change your Gamertag to contain TG in it, it’s entirely optional.

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