Looking for a Halo: MCC Clan/Community


Just looking for an active Halo clan/community which has a competitive focus, but remains fun at the same time. I’d prefer one that has numbers on the slightly larger size, so there isn’t much focus on individuality.

I’m under GMT time, so if there are clan practices at whatever o’clock in the morning, it’s a no-go for me. :frowning:

If it’s a necessity, here are my matchmaking stats for MCC thus far:

Total Time Played: 35:52:45
Total Games Played: 407
Total Games Won: 300
First Place Finishes: 218
Total Kills: 5,419
Total Deaths: 2,293
Total Assists: 1,222


I’m not recruitng for a clan but I play competitively on a daily basis. Add me and we can play.

GT: paradLse (that’s an “L” between the “d” and the “s”)

Yea I play competitively too so if you want to play add me

GT: IsS Silverback

Im friends with Paradise (you can check my friends list on XBL under this username), so Id be up to playing with you. I need to practice when time permits from school and work to get good at Halo once again.
GT: HD Simplicityy

Added y’all :slight_smile: