Looking For a Halo Clan/Team

I really wanna improve my gaming and put my skills to the test. I’ve always been good at the games but never joined a clan or team dedicated to one. So if anybody’s recruiting I’ll be happy to do a tryout. I’m not looking for anything major as my first clan but one day if possible I’d like to compete in tournaments.

We don’t do a ton but we play Arena and Warzone and do raids. We mostly let you do your own thing. We don’t do ‘military’ training although we do do raids. You must also wear the requird embelem, but there are 5 to choose from I’m sure you’ll like at least one. Think about and msg me back, Thx!

we are a new spantan comany called Spartans unite as one we are looking for some new members to join our little comany to works as a team make new friends and have fun we also do a training day as well we do custom games as well.

Join On Another LeveL . Info here https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/504760bd1678460abcc89e5f5e1ad7a1/topics/🚨-on-another-level-serious-clan-🚨/579604da-eb95-4d19-be9b-84b25101f3c1/posts

I’m not completely sure what you’re looking for, but you can check us out. Nearly all of our members are active so there are around 20-30 members on at all times with all game types and skill levels (gold to champion). We’re also weeks away from getting the armor. Check us out: http://www.gruntworkgaming.com/

To me most specific to what you asked for, I host training days for anyone who is interested in the squad, and were setting up our first tournament now.

Let me be the one to tell you, join my clan (IoN) as we are up and coming and have daily practices and lots of other great stuff, whether you want a fun time or your looking for something’s serious like Competition and tournaments.(I prefer the competitive play and tournys) Send me a message or reply and ill tell you the details!