Looking For A Halo 4 Clan

Just Recently payed for my Xbox Live again since i am interested in playing Halo4. Had a 43 in Lone Wolves in Halo 3 really competitive player didn’t play much of Halo Reach since i didn’t like it as much as Halo3. Only a Colonel Grade 3 in Reach with a 1.0+ Kd. So if any Clans are looking for a good player post on this forum or send me a message on XBL U2KxTrikkY. Thank you for your time.

Check out the PraetoriaGuard. We’ve been in existence now for 8 years, and are known to be one of the oldest, most established, and respectable clans out there. We are extremely active and have an awesome community filled with gamers, specifically lots of Halo gamers in your choice. We have laid back gamers, and competitive gamers as well with teams and practices. We often hold game nights, and most people enjoy a bit of everything, so you’ll find what you’re looking for. We have people who make videos, are interested in art, hold tournaments, just about everything you would want in a community.

Read about us here:

and check out our website:

We are currently featured on Xbox.com for this with Gaming4Others:

Hey! I represent the clan CherokeeVikings, and I believe we could be what you are looking for!

We are a small and personal clan, with focus on teamwork, tactics and achieving the best possible halo-experience out of the games. The ChV will be the team you go into matchmaking with at a regular basis so you will know what you can expect from you fellow teammates, rendering any of us several times more valuable to you in combat than any random teammates/”cannon fodder” you would match up with when searching games alone!

I hope you will consider taking a look at our commercial, (3 minutes of well edited content) which will give you an impression of what we are all about.



Let me know if you are interested :slight_smile:
I can be contacted on any of the obvious platforms; reply here, youtube, xbox, bungie, etc.

Waypoint ChV Recruitment thread for more info


Hi I’m the leader of The Exiles East and we are looking for more players if u check out our recruitment posts we have west US and east US . We also have a UK Division ask anyone of our leaders we will let u join just check the posts first thanks!

I am leader of west US of the Exiles and trust me this clan is awesome and friendly. we don’t want the best of the best but all the players that don’t get a chance in any other clan. We are striving to make you the best you can be! So i highly recommend this clan!