Looking for a Halo 4 clan that does raids

Hi I’m looking for a clan that is active and participates in raids. I’m 14 and my name is nick. I’m on almost everyday and a very loyal member. Would like the clan to be military based. My gamertag Is MidknightzRiderz

What the heck is a Raid?

A raid is a type of clan battle where one clan creates a base and then defends it against another clan.
The attacking clans aim is to capture the base by killing everyone inside thus gaining control of the base.
The defenders aim is to prevent this from happening.
My clan prefers them to battles because we think that it is the best way to determines a clans true skill. A clan match is won simply by which clan has the best players, but a raid is won by the clan which works best together.

If you want more information the Nexus Community hub has some standardised rules for raids here.

Hello Comrade I Am KrucialKilla19 Field Marshal (FMSH) of the UFA. We are a Military Based Clan And We Are Recriuting We Have A MLG & UMG Gaming Team. If Intresred Message me on XBL