looking for a group of people to play with

I’m not looking for a clan just a group of people to play with I don’t care if you are a newbie or a pro lets just have fun time my gamertag is epicnewb101.message me on Xbox Live if you want to join also Plz have a Mic

You should check out our “Gaming Community” if you’re looking for cool, mature people to play with:


i’m always up for some games , custom or MM doesn’t matter just add me
GT: arnie02

We are Southern Spartans
We still need players. So if you’re looking for a casual laid back team then come join us.

There is no bootcamp
No proving yourself.
No Stress.

All that is needed from you is for you to enjoy playing Halo with like minded people and for you to have a mic.

So come join and if you don’t like our style then you can leave at anytime.