Looking for a group of people to do machinimas

So i have been in the works of making a script for a 3 part machinima in halo 2 anniversary for the past week. And im now ready to start making maps getting voice actors together and getting people to help make the sets with me. Ive had the plan of making a machinima for awhile but always fail due to the point of body actors dont show or mess up or my voice actors just dont respond. So im really looking for people who are serious about helping in a machinima series and i plan on making other machinimas alswell.

Now this machinima will be split into mainly 3 parts around 20-30 minutes long. The current title of the machinima is CRONOS and it takes place on the planet cronos after the fall of reach. With the main characters being the last of an experiment group of SpartanII X’s which were modified while reach was under attack and lost almost all of the new super spartans before they quickly shipped the last of them to cronos. This planet is the last defense for earth and is a heavily fortified unsc planet. What the covenant is really doing on the planet once they start attacking is what they are looking for lies underground. This planet has some of the most feared covenant in captivaty and the covenant plans to release them and destroy the rest of the human race.

Thats the brief summary and if you want to help msg me on xbox one my GT is Jski9050 if you want to be a voice actor pm on here and have a demo ready for me to listen to the machinima will be uploaded to Jski9050Productions if you plan to help and want to watch it when released.

Thank you for your time and have a happy day

no one wants to body act for machinimas anymore?

Thats not true! People love machinimas and what your doing Jski9050, keep it up because that will be on youtube some day and lots of people will like it! I wish i could be in it but i’ve been busy making and writing my own machinimas! So good luck Jski!

yeah people love machinimas bro

doesnt seem like it no has responded to helping out

Hi. I’d like to try out. Can we talk on Xbox?
gt: Wrenchineer

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> Hi. I’d like to try out. Can we talk on Xbox?
> gt: Wrenchineer

yeah sorry for the late reply