Looking for a group of gamers

Hey all, I’m looking for more Halo 4 players atm

I’m tired of going in games solo, While I do play better lonewolf style, I am kind of getting lonely killing these kids by myself and would like to do it with some people.

I’m a pretty good player if I try/want to win. I’m down for any playlist except CTF (Never got into it)

I know most people that read these don’t feel like sending FRs/Game Invites because I too read this section and never send any, But if you need a good asset to your current group/team, Send me a FR and I’ll add you ASAP. Or you can just leave a post on here and I can add you if you wish

Hope to see you all in the battlefield (Wow that was lame)


Hello, I have just started making a clan and we are looking for good team players. If you would like to become part of the team message me back.
Delta 6 division

Add me always down to play if ur good TH3 REVOLUTLON

Hello! My name is Platinum and I am here to tell you about the war simulator community that is Forerunner Conflict. What is a war simulator community you ask? In a nutshell, it is a community that simulates the actual feeling of a real war and military-like feeling in the HALO universe. There are two armies, REDD and BLUE, who “battle” every Sunday night at 6PM (EASTERN TIME ZONE) over various maps to gain control of a “war map” that we have created. In a war simulator, each army has a ranking system, and each army also has Battalions and Platoons. The “Wars” (as we call them) use a variety of gametypes, some simple such as SLAYER and CTF, and others more unique and custom-made, but in the end all feel like an actual war setting. ***See bottom of post if you are already in a clan/community.

History of our community:
Our community has been around since the spring of 2005, which means we’ve been around for ALMOST EIGHT YEARS. Our name has gone through various changes, most notable ones are Red vs. Blue Wars, Allies vs. Axis, Galactic Wars, and Red vs. Blue Retaliation, before finally becoming Forerunner Conflict by the start of Halo 3. Through the years we’ve gone through many positive changes to make our wars more authentic and fun. Currently, there are approximately 200+ soldiers and growing fast each day.

This all sounds awesome! How do I join!?
Well first off, you should visit our forum boards, register, and enlist for whichever army you would like (PLEASE REGISTER WITH YOUR ACTUAL GAMERTAG, and please put who you were referred by. In this case, it would be Platinum or the Unity Recruiting Topic). Our forums are http://fcwars.net/. But, you can’t immediately jump into battle once you enlist! Even in the actual world, all enlisted must go through a BOOT CAMP. Yes, you heard me, BOOT CAMP. This has been the TRADEMARK of our community since the day it was created. All members must go through a BOOT CAMP, in which they will be told the rules, regulations, and will be shown several few military-like tactics that can come in handy in the actual battles or even matchmaking! We also to use BOOT CAMPS to weed out anyone who isn’t interested or not taking us seriously. To receive a boot camp, please enlist on the forums and you will be contacted by a drill instructor.

**You MUST be at least 15 years old to enlist. Special cases will be made for people younger who can prove they are mature enough to be with us.

Our Most Important Rule:
Though our community is a war simulator and we take our roles seriously, our number one focus is about RESPECT and making sure everyone is having fun, because in the end that’s why people play video games, to have FUN! If you join, don’t hate someone because they are in a different army, our job is to make sure everyone is friendly and having a fun time, while at the same time being competitive! We encourage people to make many new friends.

So if you are looking for a fun, yet military-like competitiveness and new interesting experience over HALO 4, PLEASE CONTACT ME (or preferably one of the army leaders listed below) IMMEDIATELY!! I will gladly respond ASAP and answer any questions.


TL R: If you’re looking to join a large and very unique community that utilizes HALO 4 custom games to the max with a spice of authentic war-like feeling, then you should enlist in an army and join the wars of Forerunner Conflict as a soldier in either the REDD or BLUE Army! Feel free to bring your friends as well! Look us up at FCWars.net! Make sure to register an account using your actual gamertag! (Also, please help us keep this topic popular by replying with your interest in the community, THANKS =D)

People you can contact for Army information:

WSxPhoenix-Field Marshal
Purple Gamer 17-General
Nicolas Sapien -Lt. General
Sicarioano -Maj. General
Death758-Brig. General

R.E.D.D. Army:
FuzzyStormz-Field Marshal
Unlucky Num13er-General
Relapsive-Lt. General
Gargoyle605-Maj. General
VerbotenDonkey-Brig. General

***If you are already in a clan, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR CLAN TO JOIN OUR COMMUNITY. Like I said, we are a community, not a clan. You can bring in your clan as a group into these wars and we will give you a set squad/platoon depending on how many people you have. But again, by no means are we trying to destroy or poach members from your clan. If you are interested in affiliating with us, then by all means contact our Forerunners:

If team means clan, it just so happens that there is a great clan that is recruiting right now! Imperial Spartan Republic. Heres a message from our president.

Hello I am President Tritus of the Imperial Spartan Republic, we are a military and political based clan, when politics fail military action prevails. The military Side to us take care of things when diplomatic processes such as, discussion to avoid a war for example, go south, the military put the opposer back in their place to say the least;) The political side to us is pretty much the admin and control unit of the whole clan, It is our government and we are lead by an awesome President (DR MONEY MD). These great people take care of the website and many other divisions in the clan and pretty much make the big decisions and the whole show run. Just like our world today as we know it. But Don’t worry these political people also have a fighting side to them aswell, so don’t think your missing any action if you go that way. We have a different emblem for each section for e.g.: The army will have a different emblem to the air force. Here are some extra details on the clan below:


In the ISR we have many military divisions which you may may choose to join to your own personal pursuit, these are:

Armed Forces
Air Force
O.D.S.S(Orbital Drop Shock Spartans)

The armed forces,navy,air force and marines all work together on missions or clan battles etc Although the O.D.S.S does not. The O.D.S.S are our special forces and are extremely full on! theses guys don’t accept second place, they are the elite of the elite! More info on our site about these divisions in our forum section: ISR


We have a government, in this government has 4 main Divisions and are as stated below:

Dept. of State
Dept. of Operations
Dept. of Foreign Affairs
Dept. of Defence

By looking at the names of these Divisions i think you can work out what they are all about, if not there is more info on our website. We have a president and soon to be a Prime Minister which will be monthly elections so its pretty much like the US government system except added Prime Minister for more foreign clan dealings.


We have in our clan engineers ( Forgers) these talented people create our HQs, game night maps and more. They are awesome and any one can be one, if you want to be an engineer and not any military section or government, we only ask that you join the Armed Forces as a Private First Class, thats only if you aren’t chasing military. Although if you are chasing both you can be apart of any military/government division as well as being a engineer.

If you are interested message me or reply below.

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> I’m a pretty good player

So delusional

Add me or I’ll add you whenever I get around to it.


Haven’t checked this in awhile, nice I got a few responses,

Relapsive already got me in there for the fcwars thing

Team doesn’t mean clan sorry

Vblite, please take your negative comments somewhere else, I looked at your staggering 3 posts and they all seem to be rude/childish not to mention pathetic

As for the other guys that responded (rev, dark) I’ll send out some FRs later today when I get off work

Hope to play with you guys soon

Always down to play with a group instead of randoms. FR me on XBL, gamertag - DGIZZY.

Good to see a thread doesn’t die out right away like most of these recruitment threads seem to so often… Scarface, we’d love to have you swing by Outcast Reborn!

We’re a very long lived group - strong since the early H2 days. We do have competitive teams in both the Halo and CoD franchises, but if your style is more laid back we are definitely about that as well.

We are a very social group of gamers and our members are very active on our forums and online. Whether you are in joining as a full member or simply just loking to find more people to play with on a regular basis swing on by!

Questions or anything feel free to message me here, on our site, or on XBL.

Add me.

Feeling lazy to make a new thread, So I’ll just bump this

I’m still looking for more peeps, While I did add everyone on here, I wouldn’t mind more friends to play regularly with

Send an add my way or post here

Thanks again!

What Is Epic Gaming?

Epic Gaming is a competitive gaming community covering multiple games across every gaming platform. However, our operations are somewhat different than most other clans currently out there. We weren’t built in a day, the development of our site Epic-HQ.net, the development of procedures, the foundation on which our Community stands, has taken nearly 3 months to create.

And we aren’t your typical military structured clan either. While we do have ranks, we do have positions, and our Chain of Command is enforced, we also incorporate a voting system, but unlike a Command Council or a delegation, our members are the ones who vote. We like to get our members involved in the Community, to get their input on decisions that effect them in Epic Gaming, from day to day operation to who we let into our ranks, so be more than a number or a name on a roster, have your voice heard!

What Do You Mean By Competitive Gaming?

I have had my fair share of experience in gaming clans, being apart of them and leading them. This clan has been developed on those experiences. While some groups are able to cater to Casual gamers, Epic Gaming is not looking to cater to that sort of gaming as we define it. Epic Gaming defines Casual gaming as:

“A person able to play or be active via the website or game on a random basis, is not able to commit to regularly scheduled matches for any reason, a person who is not going to be reliable and does not have a steady gaming schedule.”

Epic Gaming is a competitive gaming community, our focus is building Teams that can communicate effectively, act independently, adapt to changing situations, and dominate everyone on the battlefield. Our goal is to have Teams that compete on a regular basis throughout many differing clan battle systems (FraggedNation, GameBattles, etc).
Many clans have only “elite” teams which play matches, in Epic Gaming every Team is expected to compete at some level, we don’t expect everyone to be pro’s but we want everyone to have the chance to play competitively.
Does this mean, if you join Epic Gaming you have to play in matches? The answer is NO, you don’t, it just means that is our focus, that is what we do, we prepare and play matches.

What Do I Have To Do To Join Epic Gaming?

First you need to know that every Recruit in Epic Gaming is required to complete a 30 Day Recruit Evaluation (This is being waived for the next 30 Days), the Evaluation is designed not to evaluate a players skill, but their character, how well they assimilate into our Community. In Epic Gaming its “quality of quantity”, we want people who will bring something to the Community, who will accept us as family, we aren’t looking for clan hoppers, or immature people.

Beyond that our basic requirements for join are as follows:

Be at least 16 years of age
Have a working microphone
Able to access our website regularly
Able to attend practices on a regular basis
Willing and able to take orders
Willing and able to learn map call outs

If you can meet those requirements then you can apply to join our Ranks!

Leadership Positions Available!

Epic Gaming supports a multitude of games, and we have support for Teams from around the world! And we are in dyer need of good people to lead! And now is the perfect time to do it, now is the time to take advantage of our maiden launch to get into a good staff position, to help us set the foundation for players to come!
If you have the leadership potential, the drive, and the willingness to work hard, then we want to talk to you! The time to join Epic Gaming is now! Do not hesitate, before this offer expires, become part of the Epic Gaming Community, and Gaming history!

Contact Details

I thank you for reading this post and we look forward to hearing from you, if anyone has any additional questions pertaining to Epic Gaming at any level please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our website Epic-HQ.net, there you can find out more about our organization, other games we support, and much, much more.

Our website Epic-HQ.net
Our Rules and Regulations
Our Ranks and Positions
Our Member Application

Again, thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you, either on our site or on the battlefield. Until then…

“Be More…Be Epic!”

Founder & Commander
Epic Gaming

add me :slight_smile:

I love when people bump this, I just sent a FR your way buddy

Anymore other takers will be warmly welcomed