Looking for a group? Look no further!

Hey there Halo Players, Fans and enthusiasts !
This a Post designed for people who love Halo and have a passion for getting together with a group to play, But might not have that at this moment in time.
I’m hoping you need look no further!
Now when I say that of course it can be taking in a few different ways, To me i would like to find a group of mature players or like minded individuals who love to play and most importantly have a competitive side! This does not mean playing every single day for next 3 years of course, we all have lives outside of Xbox and I for one understand this. If you can’t or ARE looking for people like this then this post isn’t for you. I work Part time and study Digital media but every spare minute I’m playing the game’s I love. Of course it will be an advantage to have played prior Halo title’s (experience goes a long way), I for one started on good old Halo 1. But without some great guys I used to know I would not love Halo in the way I do today.
I know I’m rambling on, so let me get to the point, Looking for a group to play with, Learn from and share your knowledge, all while having a laugh and of course playing to win? Hit me up online or drop a message here!
My GT is - Reggae Myvitis,
So for now I bid you farewell,
Stay Frosty, oil your Goose and see you all On the Battlefield!