Looking for a group/clan? Check us out.

Remnant is a hybrid military/social clan, we are currently on the lookout for absolutely anybody who needs or would like a group of players and potential friends to run matchmaking and clan activities with. In that ol’ clan tradition we do sport clan colours and a emblem, but it is not required to be worn at all times. Remnant is a clan for all types of players from dedicated forgers to the more casual and then to the more competitive players, whatever one would be joining for we can guarantee an environment in the clan you’ll feel welcome in. The clan’s background and ranks are inspired by that of a PMC (Private Military Contractor) for those who are interested in that particular aspect. Activity wise, we have members active all around the clock including European players and of course North American players. We are actively involved in activities with other clans every week, so there will almost always be opportunities for new members to get involved with the clan and by extension the general community. If by the end of this thick block of text you’re interested, send an XBL message to one of or all of these gamertags: MJ Rivero 31, Seven v2, High Lord Bael, Memory of KDT and Avicyn.