Looking for a great clan? Click on me!!!!

Hello everyone,

I’m a part of a community, and we are currently looking for new recruits. We are not just looking for anyone though. We are looking for quality individuals. We want people with ideas, and who can bring value to every other member of the community. If you think you have what it takes to be a member of Spartan Team Omega, then we ask you to come and apply today. We would be glad to have you.

Perhaps you do not view yourself as quality, and are seeking help in whatever it may be. It could be matchmaking or teamwork you wish to improve on, or even forge skills. We offer many variations of assistance and guidance at our community, and would love to have you either way. Our community is a place of growing, learning, and great experiences. We are beginning to involve ourselves in other games such as TF2 and Battlefield 3, if you are fans of these games, you are more than welcome to join and discuss them and find a daily team to play with.

If this sounds like a place for you then please check us out at http://unscspartanteamomega.com.

If you aren’t positive whether or not you should join, I will list off a couple ‘pros’ to joining us.
-We are not a clan, we are a community dedicated to helping others and making enjoyable, fun experiences for everyone.
-We have weekly custom-made events on Halo (and soon other games) to keep our community satisfied.
-All of our members are friendly and willing to help with anything such as campaign or those last few achievements you need.
-You may be in as many other clans and communities as you want.
-We play everything! Not just Halo, but we are mainly Halo-based.
-There are a lot of roleplays hosted on our community forums.
-We have a brand new Achievement Hunter forum for those of you seeking completion of achievements!

If you are not sure whether or not to join, just sign up and take a look around - possibly even play a couple matchmaking games with our members online and get to know them. If at all you are not satisfied by joining, you have every right to leave.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you!