Looking for a good team.

About me

Gamertag: lll Ryoku lll
BPR: 75
K/D Ratio: 1.31
Win %: 65
Age: 25

I have played halo since 2001, I have been around the block and seen most situations. I have placed fourth on 3 separate occasions in state tournaments. I am a competent player well versed in all weapons.

Why is my K/D Ratio so “low”, and why is my winning percent only 65? I have been playing by myself with sub par team-mates or a-holes that do betrayals for weapons. If i do have a team, I’m not afraid to trade kills or die to give us the upper hand. Assists are just as good as kills if you win. If i do have a good team or a team thats average but is sound with teamwork, i win 80+ percent of the time.

What am I looking for? I am looking for a good competent team that is well rounded and willing to “share” weapons (not betraying for the sniper)or likes to use strategy to out play opponents. I want people to communicate, do call outs, and always look for the win. I want to be part of a good team when Halo 4 comes out.

What I don’t want… is a clan that requires you to change your appearance, emblem, colors etc. I am not apposed to clans, I’m looking for a more laid back experience where the only thing i have to worry about is winning the next game while enjoying the company of like minded players, not worry about what this person is doing within the clan or attending clan events.

If you have a good team and need a solid player, or if your looking for a team as well, please feel free to message me on xbox live to the gamertag mentioned above. Don’t be surprised if i don’t reply back for a day or 2 because i’m trying to enjoy RL before i lose myself to what looks to be an amazing game. I do play Reach or Halo 3 and i will be on quite a bit untill H4.

Thank you for your time!


I would like to join you. I have a KD of around 1.23 or so, and am looking for people to team up with. I am not on too much, maybe an hour or two a day if I have time (I work full-time and also have to take exams outside of work), but when I am on, I am always down to team up. I will add you when I get on again (or you add me)

Yeah, feel free to message and add me, just say you seen my post.


I strongly urge you to check out my clan/community “PraetoriaGuard”. We’re an 8 year old gaming community and clan that has tons of halo gamers, as well as people for other games as well. We’re currently recruiting, looking for active gamers like you. We have teams that you would fit great on, and just in general will offer you plenty of people to play with.
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