looking for a good multi team parter

Hey guys in trying to get the winning odball and koth commendations and need a good player, if interested send a message to my gt: Artur s 004 pt


Though I wont be on for alittle so i’d be preferred if ya added me, my username being my gamertag…

No you are bad

> No you are bad

How nice of you.

> No you are bad

Well I’m not so sure you’re going to get someone now…

> No you are bad

lol what the heck man, be friendly!

But this thread belongs in the “Recruiting” section of the forums. Try posting there for a greater chance of finding a great multi-team partner! Best of luck.

Thanks but he was misleading, i asked for a good player.

dont be like that yo im good but i will play with people that are not if u play with him u can give him knoledge and get him… the halo forums is no place for dissrespect ad me crowbar i will be on tomorrow we can team up

i could be your partner, even though I only am CSR 33. ill be 50 soon.