Looking for a good forger

i’m working on a forge map in halo 5 called shoplifting. I have a layout and a sketch for the map but i can’t use/understand the new forge mode. My question is if someone would be some sort of an art-direktor/map-designer and bring my vision to life?
The map shoplifting evolves around a mall in an urban environment with 2 avenues on each side and 2 streets on each side. The mall is 2 floors, it’s a symmetrical map with red and blue spawns on each side. (Map for 4-8 players)
Message Phw99 on Xbox if you are interested


  • Understand and speak English or Swedish. (Have a good microphone for Xbox one or for PC/Skype) - Good knowledge of the forge mode. - Having 1-2 completed forge maps as referens (i don’t want a pile of sh*t) - Having an e-mail for receiving sketches. Also having program that can open PDFs. (Most web browsers can open PDFs)The map builder has creative freedom but I can stop/change things

I know I’m asking for a lot here but please answer

//Spartan S-811

This is a ridiculous post. You can’t even take the time to learn the forge mechanics yourself yet you make a layout and sketches?
Why would anyone who is skilled at forge waste the effort being your “art director”?
Are you planning on paying somebody to “bring your vision to life”? Lol…
Don’t you realize that anyone who forges has 0 problem coming up with a creative idea for a map. They don’t need a “visionary” such as yourself to look over their shoulder and steal creative control.
If you can’t take the time to even learn to forge, what makes you think your idea for a map is such that it warrants somebody putting aside their own ideas in favor of building your doodles in a notebook which is most likely sketched in crayon.

A better post would be asking someone to teach you the ins and outs of forge so that you can create the map yourself. (Which is half the fun anyway) possibly at that point they would assist in making a collaboration based on your mall idea.