Looking for a Gaming Group

I’ve recently started getting back into the Halo mood and I’m looking for an average group of gamers to play with. I had a group back in Reach and early months of Halo 4 but we kind of went our separate ways…so it’s time for a fresh start!

Most matchmaking game types are OK and I’m down for custom games too. I’m not that great with Halo 4’s forge but I can provide map feedback to make up for it.

I’m fine with clans as long as their not too stringent. I’m not going to change my gamertag or create another account to join. Sorry if that’s a deal breaker.

I guess I consider myself a casual gamer. K/D does matter to me, however, and I can step it up and be a little competitive if I need to be.

Current games I’ll play:
Titanfall, Halo 4, Halo Reach, Minecraft (PC, and 360 if I’m completely bored), and maybe GTA5.

I don’t touch any of the current CoD games, but that doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. We can still be friends!

Anyways, if you’re interested just let me know. I’m excited to meet the new friends I’ll be playing with in the Halo-verse.

My gt: is ilovetacosdavid. You are free to join. I don’t care if you are good are not cause, we can train you to get better. The clan is Dark Warriors. I am the leader. So, message me at ilovetacosdavid

Epsilon Eridani sounds like the group for you. We have no time constraints. You dont have to change your gamertag unless you want to. Send me a message on xbox live for more information if you are interested. My gt is EE WolfMaster83.

Hi, I would love to play with you, I play everything, but I enjoy objective-based the most, I’m a casual but I really want to get better and maybe even play a bit competitively
So everyone hit me up on xbl :smiley: